The Next Chapter

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

All of us reach that point in life when we start thinking what’s next. Be it after your school time, after you graduate from college, after you have a kid, after you leave office, even after your retirement. What’s next? It’s a thought that lingers around my head every second of the day. I finish a game, a book, a meal – my mind asks me, what’s next? Well, the answer is simple, it always is – take a deep breath.

Our world economy came to a standstill this year by the tiniest of microorganisms alive on earth – a novel virus. Who would have thought, we as humans, so superior and lost in our own creations, would become susceptible to such a pandemic? With nations brainstorming and racing to become the first to come up with a solution to help mankind, we forgot to stop and think how did all of this happen. And there, my fellow readers is when the question should have popped up in all of us – what’s next?

Our technology knows no bound these days, but with all that knowledge, how did we fail so greatly as a species? You might start wondering didn’t anyone have a hold on what was about to go down? It’s not that simple. Our race, time in and time out, have proved on multiple occasions and will continue to repeat the behaviour in the years to come, that we are proudly ignorant. I agree there are some of us who would take the time to keep ourselves educated with the new norms and even follow it strictly, but there is a majority out there who really don’t have a clue on how serious this pandemic is. It took a tragedy of this magnitude for world leaders to stop and think that maybe we took things a bit too far this time.

Many today still think that it is the Chinese government’s carelessness and inconsideration to human life that led to this global pandemic. I would not be one to judge people who think that way, but I’ll say this. Yes, it might have been the worst decision they took as a governing body to not let the world know what went down in Wuhan, but no we cannot be blaming them alone for this pandemic. There is only one reason why we are in dilemma and that is us, humans.

My answer to what’s next is simple – to try and keep our surrounding as pristine as possible for our survival and the sustenance of future generations. We aren’t the first generation that has failed at this, everyone behind us just kept steam rolling with different inventions, break throughs, and finally have reached at this road block that is 2020. Protests, worldwide strikes and rallies are a normal occurrence these days as global leaders fail to take a stand for a better tomorrow. If we think things are going to get better after the COVID-era, think again. Change only begins if we bring it as a singular being. The majority of the population who remain in the dark are the ones who need to stop and see the world around them perishing. Unfortunately, that includes even us, the silent ones.

In today’s world, there are many ways you can reach out and speak up, we have various forums, social media platforms, chat rooms and other outlets, yet we stay silent. A lot of us confide our inner frustration within the four walls of our room and consume the misinformed news that these big news channels propagate daily. Again, my question to each one of you remains constant – what’s next?

My intend is not to spark a revolution or even make you jump up from your chair to do something about all this. I am just pouring myself out to the world and say that enough is enough. With everything that is going on around us, be it poverty, starvation, terrorism, and now a pandemic of this magnitude, we need to stop and analyse what we are doing wrong. We need to start taking responsibilities of our actions rather than pointing out to a single nation. We need to unite against all adversities and make sure that our earth survives for more generations to come.

Before you go away from your screen, ask yourself – what’s next?

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

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