Cravings; the voice of our hunger.

We hunger in earnest for that which we cannot consume.


Cravings. I love the feeling we tend to get when we are in need of that one entity that incomplete us at that particular moment. Cravings are something that is not understood by anyone else other than thyself. It’s hard not to live without that entity unless we have it right then. It is very important that each of us embrace it always. No matter how torn down you feel after a day’s mundane events, the craving to do something at the end of it must be attended to.

Do you feel choked up when that one craving that you have isn’t fulfilled? Well, it happens with each and every one of us. Cravings could be anything – from devouring a certain dessert to maybe just taking a break and traveling. It is something your mind will not find peace for even if it’s replaced by something that in materialistic value is much more prominent. So what can you do to quench such thirsts? Well, science may offer you multiple solution, but for us humans, I would advise you to just take care of that need – no matter what they are.

Cravings could be of any form and shape, so, it can’t be classified or bracketed as just physical or emotional. It could come down to even the most trivial of things. Some people crave for loved ones or friends in their lives, while a few others may crave for just eating another morsel of food. But when you ignore theses cravings and think you’d be fine without them, reality hits you hard. The sub-conscious damage it could have on a human brain is inexplicable. You might not feel any change in the way you are, but a void will be felt unless you fulfill it. The void isn’t scientifically empty, it’s just that feeling you experience when things don’t work out in your favour.

So what could one do to fulfill even the tiniest and most insignificant (in others’ eyes) of cravings? Well, no matter what they are, you stick by your gut and go through with them. Like I always keep saying in each of my posts, no matter who is against you – could be your family or your friends, you have to keep pushing through to satisfy thyself, because no matter what you believe in you have a duty to respect your body’s needs and demands. Just ask yourself if it is the right thing or not, because if it is and you still are not going through with it, prepare yourself to be in a fight with your own consciousness.

All I can do is leave my readers with a thought in their head for the day. The one for today is just this – never stop doing anything that you or your body and mind enjoys. If not for anyone, you need to survive by them. Treating your body and mind like a temple is a useless statement to live by if you do not take good care to fulfill its needs. So, the next time you crave for a cold beer, or a lovers’ hug, or a drive in the rain, just do it without thinking too hard about the consequences. Life does not always give you a second chance at things, so make use of the first time well. With each day passing by without much of an effort for the most of us, the least we could do for ourselves is probably have a bit of fun, time-in and time-out, to keep your body and mind both active and rejuvenated. So here’s to a great day and living up to each and every one of your cravings. Go hunt people!


Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself.


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