Diaspora; molding a home away from home.

To walk through unknown streets in cities where you are merely learning the language is to force yourself into a new state of hypervigilance.


Migration. Does not compel everyone to be a part of it, but many in your life, close ones, have gone away to a new, foreign land to make their mark in this world. As I was listening to music, some lyrics struck a chord in me. Music does that to me from time-to-time. It might be the memory while I first listened to the song or the lyrics that make me feel nostalgic and choke me up thinking about the good old days. Not drifting away from where I started, just sharing what gave me the urge to write today.

Come to think about it, almost everyone I have ever been close to is currently placed somewhere away from their home. Not that they do not keep in touch, but it just feels unfair that you cannot meet this person every time you feel like. People I have been fortunate to refer to as my best buds, most of them, are out there in different countries,  as I write today. Even I too was one among them, set out to conquer the world, to complete my post graduation from a reputed university – you know the typical cliched approach to a master’s degree these days. But as fate would have it, I discontinued due to personal reasons, which until date might be one of the best things that happened to me. It affected me; my perception towards life, my ideologies, my principles, in a way it completely made me a new me. Before you quit reading, I will get to the point.

I am glad I got a second chance to stay back. I knew I did not fit in any other place like the way I fit in my home. I took my own time to realize that I was not cut to leave my home, the people, the food, the culture, nor the weather. The more I stay here, the more closure I get in realizing I did do the right thing by not going back. Please make sure you do realize this is just my perception and a platform for me to put it out there. Whoever has read till here, thank you for bearing with my thoughts.

Headbanging my way to this section of my post (literally, listening to chop suey), I recall all the good times I had with my peeps when they used to be just an arm’s length away from me. The only good thing about missing these fools is, every time one of them lands, it calls for a celebration. Other than that, I am the guy they get to say hi to once they reach back. I never miss a chance to meet these NRI’s when they touch down. In a way, I have my own privileges around them. I get to meet them, spend some much-needed quality time and when you meet after so long even after a feud, they realize how much they missed my goofiness around them. Might not necessarily be the way they think, but I prefer thinking about it this way.

It takes some heavy commitment, serious drive, a jar of ambition, and butt loads of courage to pull off what you guys are doing. If anyone ever gives you a hard time saying it is easy, just ask them to shove it up. Been there done that might be the right phrase to use here. I did not last a month, so I know. More than that, the sacrifices you make; being away from your most comfortable place called home, being away from your loved ones, the task of making new acquaintances and learning a new, exotic language, everything is a challenge on its own. Nothing will ever justify the time and hard work you put into your aspirations to be where you each are today. This particular post is for them- who are away from home, creating a mark for themselves on the world map, niching out their lives to be unique and stand out from the crowd, dreaming much higher and working their utmost hardest to accomplish the success they dream of. I have been lucky to have experienced how NRI’s sacrifice everything just for securing their futures. Thanks to my parents who showed me that without sacrifices one will never be worthy to be called self-made.

This post goes out to all my friends and others who are away from their families and me. I know it is hard, but I know this too- you guys have the heart to pull anything off. A matter of time and each of you will conquer the world in your own fields. Like always, I am here to support and push everyone and provide you with a taste of home with my stories and talks. Never feel disconnected nor should you feel disappointed if you have not been in touch. Everyone has their shit to handle and life gets busy. If reading this brought a smile to your face, then you know I have done my part. Now go do your part- live life to the fullest because these days are hard to come by. Just make sure to remember these three words; Family, sacrifices, and home.


For the first time in years, he felt the deep sadness of exile, knowing that he was alone here, an outsider, and too alert to the ironies, the niceties, the manners, and indeed, the morals to be able to participate.




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