Special Birthday Post. #NothingFancy

26 years. That is how long it took for me to realize what I want to do with my life. But for all the years and people that passed by me, one thing I know for sure now is that time changes everything – from the greens that grow around us to the person you sit next to every single day, from the life we would end up having to the life we always wanted to have, from the very little things to the most humongous of things. That is a word people rarely use these days – humongous.

26 years. I have had my share of the world, the tastes, the sights, the justice, the cruelty. To summarize it, in 26 years you become a person who has lived past the childhood, entered your teenage and made those reckless decisions that may or may not have put you in harm’s way, discovered adulthood and carelessly handled relationships, finally stumbled upon man/womanhood to become wiser than those 25 years. Maybe you are where I see myself to be or maybe you are not. But do not fret, because eventually every Tom, Dick, and Harry gets there.

26 years. I miss my past like everyone else does. I miss my friends being around me all the time. I miss the time we were kids and the only tension was if our parents would let us play in the sun all day. I miss the time when the world was just a planet and not ruled by war and hate. I miss the innocence I have experienced in my fellow compatriots. I miss the good, old days.

26 years. May seem a long time but really it’s not. You think at one point you were 21 and you felt like you got really old. Time passes by quickly and now it feels even faster with the high-paced environment we live in called the city. People meet virtually, hang out just to drink or smoke, hi and bye are faker than ever, but that’s when I stopped and realized, is all this worth it? Does it really matter how we keep in touch with one another?

26 years this has been in my head. Every time I leave a niche that I created for myself, including the people I kept around me(countable ones), I end up losing them to time. No matter how much I wish things should have been the same always between people, we tend to drift apart. After a while, everyone gets used to it. Everyone gets accommodative. Everyone forget everyone. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have tried my best to stay in touch with everyone I could. I felt like it might not be too late yet. I feel like I still have a lot to taste, feel, and breathe in this beautiful planet we call the Earth.

26 years I have never written anything so complicated that another person without basic English knowledge would not relate to. I do not wish to start now. But what I love about writing is the fact that I feel confident sharing whatever it is inside my head in the most humane way possible. Simple and sensible. Thought evoking and stimulating. Fresh and clean. Free from all the hate and abundant in love.

Today, as I turn 26, I would like to wish everyone who has ever known me to know this. My life would never have been this memorable without each and every one of you. You all have been with me through my good and bad times. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those who felt I wronged them over these 26 years, would like to send my love to those who have felt I loved them less, and also tell to some new faces that I am worth a talk.

26 years may have not made me the wisest yet, but I am glad it has made me who I am today. Accomplish the impossible in life and make yourself proud of who you are. Go through an experience so life-defying that you see the silver lining forever. Like someone wise said before me, “Be the person who sees the glass half full and never half empty”.

PS: I do not write this way usually, but I guess you need to start with whatever works at the moment. Always, always live in the moment. Think back and cherish, never regret. Life is what you made yourself out of, and it is what your decisions led you to. Take charge of that steering wheel and steer clear of the nay-sayers. Be bold and whoever you want to be. At the end, you deserve to be happy.

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