A soul of equanimity. 

Inner peace is impossible without patience. Wisdom requires patience. Spiritual growth implies the mastery of patience. Patience allows the unfolding of destiny to proceed at its own unhurried pace.

I believe everyone is entitled to get annoyed with the term waiting for anything. How we would love if everything was just right there for grabs as soon as we thought about it in our heads. Running out of patience is a much-censored version of the phrase to lose one’s temper. It is probably the only virtue which if we do possess, makes us make others around us calm and serene too. Every relationship we take that binds us with another person has its threshold breaking moments. Some end in breakups of love, friendship, and even blood relations. The rest who survive do so only due to one single factor- one amongst the two was patient enough to wait and let some steam off.

Patience can be a trivial thing to discuss. Throughout our lives, our parents, teachers, guardians, and everyone else who have guided us in some way asks and try teaching us the importance of waiting our turn. But could we honestly cross our hearts and say we have always stuck by our trait to wait for our turn and not rush into being greedy and selfish enough to take what is ours (At least that is how it seems inside our indigenous minds)? Absolutely not. We started cutting lines, taking shortcuts in traffic jams, and what not just to save those five more minutes to reach our destination or achieve our target. However small patience may seem to all of us, it is that important for our very existence too. To prove it, well, why stop now? Just read the entire post as well.

There are days when you run late, run out of patience (a.k.a on the verge of a mental volcano eruption), stuck in traffic, and eventually due to your worst nightmares coming alive, reach very late to your workplace. Well, those who are unemployed and reading this, feel free to change the destination from the workplace to whatever you feel is suitable for your relevance. What I am trying to showcase here, in such situations, is the failure, in us, as humans, in reviving the tolerance back into our daily lives. Whatever happens in your life, be it your wedding, your parents anniversary, your client meeting, or even your regular check up, with out being patient, one cannot successfully and self-admittingly agree with themselves that they have done it the right and fair way. What would happen if you were to reach late of any of the above scenarios? Maybe a small tiff between the third person it affects, but other than that the world does not shatter above you. The relevance here is not being patient, but to invoke the patience from within you.

I have had my content share of quarrels, fights, and lover’s spats. One thing I have always and will keep believing is that one person needs to take responsibility in being the patient and stoic part of any sort of relationship. With friends, it is usually ego issues that lead to a rift between them. With family, it can be as minuscule as fighting for a television remote with your sibling. Finally, with your partner, well, it can be anything from jealousy, possessiveness, or just a usual altercation with some third party other than you two. Whatever the scenario may be, whoever the people I loved maybe, once the heat settles down, everyone regrets it happening. So why not thwart it before it hits us all? My method is simple and genius. Ever again you are at such a stretch in your life that you are ready to do whatever it takes to get out of it, reach out for your palm, make a fist with your thumb pointing out, and blow into the gap between gently and slowly. Mind you, this is a calming exercise and not instructions to gain patience. Once this is done, think what the person means to you. Do not think what he/she did, think how perfectly they fit into your life. Finally, ask yourself one single question. Is the fight worth it all? I am sure by the end of it, you will find a part of you who have never been so patient even with yourself.

Hasty decisions are what our mistakes are made up of. In order to realize the calmness inside of oneself, we must make it a habit to think clearly during tensed situations. It is when our decisions and actions are cloudy that we tend to make errors in life. Life too is a programme which has to be compiled before running it to check for bugs. Before jumping into your gut conclusions, always remember to breathe in slowly, understand the essence of the situation, analyze it inside of your mind, and then implement your action. As a thought that is thought and revised over and over again in your head, it can never pose a threat to you. So, my advice to all those steam engines ready to blow their whistles is just this- live life one day at a time, take it easy because God made us to chill and not to stress. Patience holds the key to being the winner amongst others. Being patient is more than a trait. It is a boon for the whole of humanity. Without it, millions of innocent humans would not have seen the rays of justice cower them under their wings. Live fair and just. Try to never cut a line again in your life. I dare you.



Trading Patience - Time


Patience gives your spouse permission to be human. It understands that everyone fails. When a mistake is made, it chooses to give them more time that they deserve to correct it. It gives you the ability to hold on during the rough times in your relationship rather than bailing out under the pressure.

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