From hodophobe to wanderlust. 

If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.

Every single being on our planet locomotes to meet their necessities. Traveling is a feature that is pre-installed in all of us. Babies start walking way before they even talk or even start having long-term memories. We, as humans, being the superior species that has ever walked the earth, has strived all these years exploring from our roots till the moon and beyond. Each day the amount of exploration done just increases. Everything we do in our normal mundane lives requires a bit of traveling.

There are many factors that made me write this post. The most important one being my transformation from being a kid suffering from all sorts of motion sickness to an adult who loves to explore new destinations. As a kid, traveling on a flight was a mandatory action during my vacations. Like how a clapping monkey toy stops clapping when the battery dies, I used to get all depressed and nauseous at the sight of airports. Mostly a psychological barrier I created for myself, not only did this antic of mine destroy the whole journey for my mother (who always remained patient with me during this phase) but also for my sister (a usual grumpy sibling who would cuss at my nauseating self but still help me out in times of need). Worst of all, I would even ask them to boycott the food because that too used to make me sick. God help me not to hit my kid if he grew up to be more like me back in the day.

Somehow, it was not completely my fault, well, at least that is what I used to tell myself to sleep at night. I used to claim my nose was a bit more sensitive than the normal ones (still do). Spider-Man has his spidey sense, and I had my nose tingling sense. Remember the air purifiers the flight attendants spray before the takeoff? Well, they used to get my nose tingling and would help actuate the water works through my mouth. A wonderful way to start a flight for almost ten years of my life, right? As disgusting it may sound to a few of my readers, let me assure you the best is yet to come. The very last time I did suffer motion sickness was when I was traveling with my cousin (There. I mentioned you in my blog.). It was a pretty dope journey until my tingling senses tingled a bit too early at the check-in counter itself. The embarrassing side of all this; we were in our senior years of school and for a guy studying in his twelfth grade to puke like a maniac in the middle of an international airport is not something he could be proud of.  I want to make sure that my cousin appreciates me mentioning him here. So, a special thanks to you for not caring for one goddamn second and viewing me in awe, disbelief and disgust- all at the same time like every other stranger on that side of the airport that fateful afternoon (Sorry brother, but this is the only way I can even come close to praising you).

Till then I had never traveled alone to anywhere in my life. There was someone always with me, a family member, or a friend, wherever I went. My whole world changed for the best right when my parents finally thought I was old enough to travel by myself. Just for once I thought to myself, why did I even start vomiting on the first place? Because the air smelt funny inside a flight? Because the food was weird? Or was it basic motion sickness? Finally, it dawned on me. I never felt nauseous when traveling in a car. I realized more and more on how my disease was nothing but something I created myself out of thin air to probably annoy my sister. Since that day of enlightenment, traveling has been more of an adventure than a trip down vomit lane. One thing I regret though during my years of nauseous flight journeys is the number of delicious food trays I passed on. I wish I could rewrite those times.

From being the puke-stained-tee-wearing kid, I have evolved since to be the guy who would dare to take a trip to wherever the road took me. The evolution was slow but eventually, I reached the destination. The lesson that I learned throughout these years of reliving my life as a restless traveler; go find yourself from the wild. Travel long, hard, and endlessly into the places you always dreamt to be at. Go with your friends, your family, or your partner, and absorb the joy and ecstasy you can from the experience. If I can evolve from being the title contender for the most annoying, and disturbing sight to set foot on a plane to travel as a normal human being, then nothing is impossible. Know the beauty of this world with your senses and let your body energize your aura with the positivity you get from the serenity of your destination. Travel as much as you can before your wind inside blows away the burning flame. Enjoy the open roads, the unplanned night rides, the hitch-hiking, and the lonely walks. Become one with the sun and the earth. We were born to walk this planet, might as well do it right.






I read; I travel; I become.

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