Cruising through reverie.

Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it.

Dreams; The wonderland every living creature is designed to drift to in their slumbers, where imagination is the only limitation. The closest way any sober mind can explore subconsciously what psychedelic minds witness during their transcendental trips, consciously. It is what results to when our subconscious mind gathers from events happening in our lives and coagulate them with our crazy list of fantasies. It makes us what we want to be. The king, the spy, the soccer legend, the dying old man, anything. It is astonishing how the creator instilled such a miraculous technology inside our heads. But for all the good ones we see, we do experience some dreadful, nasty ones. Well, like everything else that exists, dreams also need balance and neutrality. No good without bad.

Dreams have many forms. In a lifetime, there may be days, or even weeks, when one feels like he/she is not able to recall what they dreamt last night although they were pretty sure they did. We all hate that feeling. Well, I know I do. Sometimes the dream is so realistic that even after you wake up it takes you some quiet time alone inside your head to figure out it was all happening in your dream. Then comes the falling down the cliff saga. Happens to all, with a variation in the environment I suppose. For me, it is mostly down a cliff. I tend to laugh when I wake up from it though because, by the time I reach the end of the fall, there is a millisecond where our conscious and subconscious mind converge. So, just before I open my eyes, I know it is a dream and even though the fall tends to be all scary and horrifying at first, it becomes more like a dumb, idiotic mannerism of mine by the end of it(Yes, I too fall hard on the mattress). Finally, there are the nonsensical episodes of dream conversations that are, due to your worst luck, actively participated and dragged on by your friends, or family. It is almost like a practical joke that you play on yourself. No one to blame for, other than your imagination and you. We have all been there; it is safe to say that(to those who deny ever being a victim to the last one, I know you did too. Just that no one was around when you did it, punk).

We all go to sleep every night wishing we have a good dream. People say dreams are constructed on the basis of the events that have occurred in the past or even on the anticipated ones that are yet to happen. The best thing about dreaming is the fact that you need not even be asleep to do it; and that my friends, is called daydreaming. Gazing out into the wilds through the open window of your class, who have not done that? Getting completely absolved into the queries of your mind, not caring for time or the world, wide awake in broad sunlight, and just dreaming. It is the way to feel high without getting high. We all are dreamers, but few of us are thinkers. The latter does not just dwell on the time lost in his/her daydreams but acts accordingly so that one day their dream becomes the world’s reality.

Dreams are built based completely upon our convenience and choice. It is how we like to see things in real life. We project situations in our sleeping brain the way our mind wants at that instant. Maybe based on a movie we just watched, or an incident our friend shared, whatever it may be, in the dream, we are our own boss. With all this said, what are the reasons for some dreams to keep repeating day in and day out? Some say it maybe a calling, or an incident which scarred our mind subconsciously that it keeps playing it for us during our sleep to remind us about it. I have had such ones. Some were like a calling; showed me what my life path should be. While some were the latter; showing instances I shared with my dear ones who are no longer with me. Both these scenarios affected me enough I suppose, maybe the latter a bit more. It shows how our dreams are like the mental videos that our brain captures of the rarest of moments that we tend to forget. Shows us how somewhere, deep down in the trenches of our subconscious servers, lies these prints of nostalgia, unscathed.

To me, dreams define us as much as our thoughts do. Not everyone shares the same memories. All of us see the world in our very own camera. Although, some of us being friends, may be involved in an activity or incident together, does not mean that we all perceive it in the same manner. According to me, it is like watching the same film shot in different angles, using different cameras, making each one unique in their own way. The same applies to our dreams. Be it good or bad, it projects all of us as unique individuals. Dreams help us to relate to what our problems might be and at times may even come with a free solution. We might not remember the exact details of each one of it, but that is what I find the most appealing. It is literally living at the moment. It is vivid, and strangely very distinct at the time, but you wake up to total disarray. So grab a good book, or whatever interests you right before you sleep, instill good vibes, and let go of your mind to be conquered by the realms of your vast imagination.

Sweet dreams to all.

I love the silent hour of night,

For blissful dreams may then arise,

Revealing to my charmed sight

What may not bless my waking eyes.


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