The pursuit of quintessential requiescence. 

Take the time to slow down, relax, meditate, and contemplate the wonders within. You will discover an inner calm and balance that previously eluded you.

It is always a challenge to one’s mind to seek what it requires to reach a state of zen. Relaxing your body after a day’s work can be more strenuous than working your heart out. As important as it is for every creature to breathe, relaxing after a hard day is crucial. We need to relax to escape from the stress-filled, anxiety flooded, busy life of ours. We run all our lives to find that niche to fit in. Likewise, it is that necessary a task to ask ourselves what brings our mind to that null state.

Relaxing your mind is just nature’s way of saying do not just rush through life, breathe in its essence. People live out each day of their monotonous, work dominated life without taking a second to stop and think if it is worth the effort. The pressure from the bosses, the fake pleasantries shared between colleagues, and coming back to a home greeted by your dead tired partner who went through the same shit you go through every single day is not worth being happy or content about. One needs to assess their lives and realize to do what they love doing at least for thirty minutes of their mundane day. Everyone has a particular hobby or past time that tells their inner self-man, that’s good. It just brings down your body pressure so low that it almost swoons you and makes you light headed. One very common way people do it is by listening to music. No matter where you hail from, every single culture in this world uses music as a relaxation drug.

Music speaks to all of us. Although the individual taste varies from person to person, it is something that brings people together. It strives by the motto unity in diversity. Every person in this world of ours will hold a certain song which gets them to relax no matter how riled up they are. It is a fact that it helps in relaxing our senses although it is only our ears that listen to it. Personally, I have had so many references I could share when a song meant more than breathing at times. Some just hit you at a spot in your heart which gives you a tingling sensation that grows all through your body, making your hair stand up, and spreading goosebumps on your body like a catalyst. We tend to enjoy music so much because it is something that people create out of their passion towards it. Music, in my eyes, is what life would sound like if it were a song.

Music brings out the innate human in us. It drives us in a way that no other stimulant can. Science has proved now and again that combining the element of music in your day, be it your work, your exercises, or even your love life, results in more than what you get without it. I would urge people to even try it. I can guarantee that even if you are doing the most hated jobs in the planet, a little music in between your shitty jobs will help you smile away the hardships involved. Music and dance relate like air and fire. One cannot dance to a room filled with just silence. Like how fire needs air to ignite, music has the ability to move our feet in unison. According to my personal experiences, there is no better way to express oneself than through music.

Before you feel like I am drifting away from my topic, let me get you back at it. Music is the peacemaker to our soul. Just the beats coming out of a speaker enthralls our very existence. People encourage the practice of involving music to even your meditation sessions so that it unites your mind, body, and soul as one, single union of surging aura. It brings you down to earth. Music can calm and bring peace to your minds beyond your wildest imaginations. In my opinion, music can be regarded as the most powerful, and deadliest form of transcendental communication there is. History has shown us always that it has the power to revolutionize a whole generation. Music defines us as individuals. It respects equality amongst diversity.

So, my suggestion would be to come home, forget the world around you, turn on your music, and let go of yourself. Relaxation is finding you underneath the superficial mask that you adorn when you step out of your house every single morning. Love, live and breathe in the music around you.

Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just, and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate, and eternal form.


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