A guide to introversion. 

Only a few have learned to savor the significance of solitude. Those who can glory in being alone on occasion are the saint or poet or explorer.

How do you enjoy your life? Is it when you are in a room left to mingle with random strangers you are not familiar with or to sit down with your good friend and have deep, engrossing conversations about life around you? You may think why do I give a damn about it. Honestly, I do not. Although I want you to understand the people around you who may choose the latter of the two above scenarios.

On a daily basis, we all come across people who enjoy a party or a social gathering of sorts to let go of themselves and ease the noose around their neck. People are pressurized at their institutions of either work or studies with deadlines and duties from which they seek asylum. What the general mass does not understand is not everyone finds heaven inside the doors of a nightclub. There are some of us who enjoy being with yourself instead of dancing neck-to-neck with sweating strangers in a cramped up party floor stinking of urine. Relaxation, to some, is treating themselves with a great shower, ordering in, reading a book, and slouch down in their bed in the most comfortable and earthly pajamas. I do not expect you to be the same. All I ask is to not condemn those who cannot find themselves living your life.

It is not a mistake that you were born as an introvert. It clearly is not a sin to accept being one. Us, introverts, may not be the best at socializing or even getting our idea across, but I guarantee you that we are thinkers. Life is not about socializing the best way possible with everyone in the crowd. That is just a lifestyle extroverts are comfortable with. Not being an extrovert does not give them the right to judge or even tell us we are living our life the wrong way. They do not concur that we fantasize on thoughts that are beyond their imaginative reach. We perceive and live life through books, music, and thoughts. Introversion takes us closer to nirvana(this is clearly my opinion alone).

Most of the people I have come across, be my family or friends, are extroverts. They require people around them to get them energized like those Duracell bunnies. You leave them in a room with maybe some music and books, they would start rotting in less than an hour. People tend to adapt both situations to lead a balanced life. It is the only way to live right too. No one could live their life entirely in solitude confinement without social contact. Introversion allows you to do so but due to factors like being there for your family, or granting the wishes of your extrovert partner, at some point, we too need to get out of our bubble. It takes place vice versa too. Extroverts hate being confined in a space, but certain situation enforces them to. Adapting and learning to adjust to your surroundings which seem unfavorable to oneself and still striving past it to give your complete effort is when we, as humans, understand the two sides of being human.

So I say this.

My fellow extroverts! Enjoy the night-outs, the blurred nights, the hangovers, social gatherings and anything that involves people trespassing your personal space. Put in just a tiny speck of effort to not force people who say no to all this to go out with you. They are us. The weird ones. The snubbing, selfish, low-life degenerates who enjoy the smell of an old book rather than having to stare and make small talk with strangers at someone’s house.

Being who you are is not as bad as it may look. Learn to accept what makes you happy. Success will only follow if you are true to yourself.

Identify thyself and ye shall find what thy future holds.

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