The insomniac protégé. 

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.


There will be a day in everyone’s life when they had a sleepless, much surprisingly productive night. Then there are a few others who experience this night very frequently albeit without productivity. They come across a more better trait than being productive or resourceful- being creative.

According to me, an insomniac protégé, as the word seems, is not miscued or irrational. Rather apt I would say. When we stretch ourselves to overcome the sleepy phase we go through every single night, we discover a divine sense. One where your subconscious mind converges with your conscious thus unlocking the doors blocking them. It is more like a light-headed stage where you are high on sleep but restricts you from indulging in sleep-related activities. When you do that, you end up even writing a blog post about it.

What do I mean by insomniac protégé one might ask(by one I refer directly to the very few readers who read this blog of mine)? Once you have accepted you have overcome the sleepy phase, every individual’s subconscious mind becomes a teacher to their conscious mind. We tend to revive the talents that were once lost somewhere down the road while trying to become someone we never were. Everyone has a chance to be good or a genius at something or the other without even realizing it. It happens that night. When you avoid sleeping and think of doing things you always wanted to do but you never listened to your gut because of your damned conscious shitty mind. If there were a switch to toggle between our subconscious and conscious mind, mine would be on subconscious all the time.

Every genius who ever walked on earth had a bit of lunacy in him. Now that does not mean that I think retarded minds are the most gifted. Nor do I mean to undermine the helpless souls. What I mean to imply is, every stroke of genius comes from the creative side of our head. We all were imaginative, creative, and dream catchers back when we were kids. That’s what a genius is made up of. The adult in his consciousness with a twist of childish imagination in his subconscious. The best part though- every single one of us is capable of doing it. Most of us pass by it ignoring the signs and chances we get to stay awake and think.

As I banter on in this post tonight, I am glad I thought of writing all of this down. If it were not for my sleepless night or my insomnia, which occurred due to load shedding at the worst hours of the night, this would not have happened. So I wish to thank the Indian government for helping me revive these thoughts, while I sat awake trying to shoo mosquitoes and what not in the darkness which echoed the snores of tired souls sleeping all around my apartment. Thin walls help with insomnia(true fact).

Sleep. But not too soon. Give your mind the power to toggle the switch.  Find the insomniac protégé in you.

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