The benevolent patriarch.

A father has to be a provider, a teacher, a role model, but most importantly, a distant authority figure who can never be pleased. Otherwise, how will a child ever understand the concept of God?

The real-life superhero you come across from the day you were born. The benefactor of all your actions till you stand on your own feet. Your saviour from the monster that dens under your bed. He is there to look out for you when you fall, to support when you rise, and to protect when you are vulnerable. He is the reason why you are able to face the world without breaking down at every turn. A father cares for his child with every cell in his body. His love for you can never be questioned even if he is not ever there with you physically.

A father’s love is like nature’s Mona Lisa. A masterpiece in its own way. Being a child, we tend to think our father does not have time to be with us. We hardly notice the pain, sacrifices, struggles, pressure, and responsibilities he endures in a day before he comes home with a smiling face. None of it falls upon our innocent eyes, except his happiness to see us. He is often the best actor in the play of life. After a hard day, a father never shows his tiredness to his child who comes running into his arms. Their trait to always restrain their emotions while you grow up is second to none. He is there to mould you every step of the way into the best person you could ever be. He is there to wipe your tears when you falter at life’s various challenges. You may never see him cry but never underestimate his emotions. Always remember, he is your father.

My father was not always around during my childhood. Distance was never a factor for him to always listen to even the most trivial of incidents I had to share with him by nightfall. Whether it be calls or even letters, he never lost interest in knowing them. His patience to spend time after work to let me go on with my talks fascinated me always. Even though I was not the naughtiest kid in town, there were times when I got into trouble. My father was not among the violent dads. His gentle rapport ruptured with frustration when he needed to bring me back to being the meek child I always was. The only thing that would leave me in tears was when he referred me as being useless. No matter how old I am or how old I become, that single reference from my father’s mouth shatters my world. It is kind of the end of the world statement for me from my father.

Many of us tend to forget no matter who we end up to be, our father is always going to be loyal enough to back our decisions and to guide us towards righteousness. We may be ahead in technological know-how with the whole digital age conquering our generation, but in the field of life experiences, he is always a step ahead. Consider what he says as good advice and what others say as suggestions. He does not want your riches or does not demand you to provide a luxurious life when he gets old, but only wishes for a better life for you than the one he could provide.

No matter where you are, who you have become, and what you have done, spare a few minutes every day to thank him for all the dreams he sacrificed selflessly just to provide you with every second of joy and happiness you have come across in your life. God resides in your life as your father. Love him with everything you have like how he always has. Being a father is the easy part, being a dad is what makes him special.

To the one who showed me what life is, taught me how to live, and told me never to give up, I care for you deeply, and I love you above all. I will not disappoint you ever again.

Father andSson on the Beach - Silhouette Shot

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