Friend: our alter ego.

That awkward moment when you hang out with your boyfriend and his buddy and you become the third wheel. One word: bromance.

I can only write what I know. I may not be the wisest amongst us out there. But I have my experiences with the crowd and what I write is always based on it. I have seen some claiming bromances is an excuse to not accept to be queer in public. All I do when I hear such nonsense is laugh inside pitying their perceptions. If you do belong to the set of them who believe in this absurd notion, let me explain it out to you.

I have had my palate of friends. Right from my childhood, through my middle school, senior years, and all the way to university. Some of them disconnect majorly due to hectic schedules and some tend to drift away. No ones to blame here. When it happens, one out of those two might even be hurt, but as I see it, it is always best to just hope for the best for the other and get back on the horse and ride on. In my case, there are friends who left, who remain, and there is one set who are just retarded minds who would dive along with me even to the deepest of gorges.

Bromance is not something you learn how to do. It is something you share with another guy. Someone said it is not real friendship without any homosexual encounters. I know for a fact in many cases, it is true. Sometimes things get out of hand partying too hard. My last two years of college were kind of a blur, as it would have been for many. I may not have reached the pinnacle of my career life, but with respect to having a good time, I may have grazed it. I do not regret the things I have done when I was young. I miss how it was back then, being with my crazy group of bromancers, living life carelessly. Like everyone else who has a good set of people who they can call as friends(even, brothers), I too got a few who might call me names for writing this.

What many do not realize is breaking up from a friendship is probably the easiest thing, but mending it back together is next to impossible. Where ever I was, there was always a shoulder next to me to hold on to. I have had people come up to me and saying at times man you are lucky in this way. You have someone to rely on everywhere. It is not always wise to have someone next to you if you have a dependency issue. The best example I could relate to right now would be me. I could not handle situations on my own because I was used to having a familiar face in the crowd always encouraging and taunting to get me to be more productive and confident. It cannot be framed into words, the kind of relationship you have with these guys. It is so cool that there are times when you can converse with your bro telepathically, with the rest of the party just dumbstruck witnessing the brilliance. It is something I wish everyone could experience.

I have friends who I have shared a part of my life with. I am lucky to be their friend even after the times I have wronged them. Jealousy, hatred, and competition only came when we played Fifa. I even remember how we guys were probably among the first people to come up with the idea of the group play feature on Samsung devices available now, months before they even announced the technology. The difference; we were stoned-talking and while they actually worked it out.

I know it is probably too late. I came across a lot of people who I let go due to my immaturity to handle a situation or just human stupidity. I am sorry for the troubles I have caused you, for the times you cried because of me, and for whatever the reason it was that I hurt you. I am not perfect. I have evolved since. In case I do not bump into you around the block, just know that I really am sorry. If I had another chance to right my wrongs, I would try my best. I do not regret what I did, I am just acknowledging my actions. For if I did regret them, then I would not have written this for you.

Wherever you are, whoever you may have become, I will always remember you. I wish the best for all of you. Thank you for being a memory in my life.


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