A treatise to a wonderful sister. 

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. 

The blood kin. The one person in this world who came from the same womb as you did. Well not everyone would have had the privilege of growing up with a sister. When a girl finds that she is going to be a sister, it is nature’s calling to take their sibling under her wing. A sister is your first real friendship.
I have witnessed people coming up to me and saying being the independent child has its perks. I would not blame them for their parents’ decision to make them the lonely one. But having a sibling to grow up with is an experience which may never be understood by that only child. The first time you learn to share, care, fight, tease, cry and laugh will probably be because of that sibling of yours. Talking in the perspective of the younger one, I have always been subjected to the special love of my sister. I grew up with her and there were times when I never thought I would value her so much in my life as I do today. It is not because she is cruel or devious that I used to hate her but the general census of sibling rivalry. Single children might not know of it(Again, I pity you all).
My sister and I had some crazy times together. All those years growing up with her, I got to see what all a girl goes through. One might not realize how hard it is for girls to adjust to the world changing around them as their body develops. Being a brother, it is in our blood to feel responsible for our sister’s well being. Always. No matter how younger you are to her, in times of need she will look up to you for comfort. While growing up, I learned what she goes through the hard way.
Like every other brother and sister in this world, my sister and I had the worst of fights. Use every part of your body you can to hurt the other person, and when it comes to who’s to blame, share it equally, get beaten up my mom, and cry along. It was a mantra while growing up. Once I happened to kick her in the abdomen during a routine fight, which ended up with me being confused and gloomy. She got hurt pretty bad and was rushed to the emergency ward. Now, things happen to girls when they reach a certain age. Me, being a twelve year old back then, was still in the discovery stage of all this conundrum. So, by the time we got back home, not only did I receive an introductory class to seventh-grade biology for dummies but also took an oath to never physically respond to my sister’s taunts.
At the time, all of these monthly incidents that happened to my sister were funny in my eyes. I remember how being her brother I got to see her transform from being the carefree sister, who I could hit and kick, to a super tall, matured lady. They say it is hard for the girl to fight all those changes, but they never mention the impact it has on us brothers. I remember how my mother and sister used to have this behind-the-curtain kind of conversations about all of it. The moment I step into the room, it is either about her school they were talking about or some other mediocre topic. Deep down, I knew things were changing.
Times passes on. Things change for a guy too when he starts experiencing weird sensations in the mornings. The distance between my sister and I started widening like never before. Even though for guys it is not as tough as it is for girls, it is quite challenging to realize what is happening initially. Puberty hits everyone hard and when it does, your childhood innocence is lost. I started getting reserved and more conscious. By the time my sister was adjusted with all of it, I was getting weirder. We started experiencing what can only be shared as a sibling rift. Our lives became private. She left for college. Talking was rare. Meeting was even rarer. You start living knowing she exists and is well. Everything changes.
Life goes by like a rocket ship. By the time we reached our twenties, both of us had our share of bad relationships, major setbacks, and come across a lot of naysayers. We reach at a blank wall in each of our lives when we have no one to look out for other than our family. In my personal experience, I thought my relationship with my sister was dead after she got married. But when I hit that brick wall that would not budge, she came to give me a boost to climb over it. When I said I quit, she slapped me and told me it is not over until she says it is over. She taught me no matter how depressing it gets, I could always tell her anything that happened under the sky.
Every day I wake up thinking how my childhood would have been if I were a single child. Everything to my own. No one to share anything with. But a sister to share my childhood with; priceless. She will always be my angel who protects me under her shielding wings. She is my guide. My mentor of life. I started doing everything watching and learning from her. She showed me how to be a child. You are forever my blood kin. Thank you is not enough, so I write this for you.


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