Life is so ironic to understand fully, it takes sadness to know what is happiness, noise to distinguish silence and a broken heart to find true love.

They say life is an endless river of experiences. One can never predict what will happen with them the very next instant. One heck of a roller coaster ride. A lot of expressions like them may come to your mind when you think about it.

The true value of life is not realized until you come really close to losing it. Some of us realize what it’s worth right from the beginning. But like each sides of a coin, there are a few amongst us who feels the heat and throws in the towel.

Now what no one realizes is that there is another set of those who lie in between these two sides. The metal that holds the two faces together. These are the survivors. The fighters. The ones who made the jump, failed and then realized what it’s all about. They are the ones who prepared to give up on life, made up their mind yet were disheartened in a way by destiny.

Now what happens to these guys?

Well, there are two possibilities.

  1. Some of them end up humiliated from the failure and try again and again till they become extinct. (I must say though, you need some guts to be in this category);
  2. The remaining open their eyes wide open and launch themselves to reach their zenith. (You need balls of steel to make it here).

Society judge these individuals  endlessly. Every individual who walk the earth is gifted with a mind of their own. What happens inside of it is only in their control. Some of them are vulnerable to weaker minds. That is not a crime. Like every other medical setback there is, this too is one which needs attention. It is not the person’s fault he/she possesses a weaker mind. Remarking about them is as equal to being racist.
Individuality is what makes me differ from you. The world would be a different place if every one talked and walked like Martin Luther King. No chaos, peace all around. One side of a coin.

As unrealistic as it sounds, it is worth trying to achieve. Being the difference will bring changes in the society you live in. If not the society,  at least your partner. Be the owner of an open mind and an open heart. Learn to think in their shoes and live by accepting the faults in people around you.

The individuals who finally succeeds in their giving-up-on-their-life endeavor to an extent are prone to that stage by the pressure they encounter from the society. The reminder of them goes through the exact same thing, but the difference is they overcome that stage by completely ignoring the world.

So it is upto each individual to realize what makes their life worth living. Also open their heart, soul, mind, and eyes to the harsh reality that exists in this world which ignores this situation. Life is tough on even the richest kid on our planet.

I am starting this blog with the hope that reading this might help people understand not to judge even the happiest of people. Inside every happy person there may be a face you might not know. So live life jhakaas.

For non-Hindi readers, jhakaas means tension free.

Be the minion of steel. Be your own inspiration. Bring out the fighter in  you.

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